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Of Muppets & Men

Richard appears quite often in this (duh! It's a making of type thing), however he says very little (I'm getting to that, hold your horses. Jeez!). Anyway, one of the first things thrown at you in this documentary is the making of "I Get Around" or whatever it's called. It's the one with Miss Piggy and a bunch of other pigs singing and they're on motorcycles. Eventually the camera pans down, and we see how this number is done. It's pretty cool, but in the way of Richard spotting, there's not much, although he nearly gets squished by a motorcycle. In a side note, this clip can be seen in the Secrets of the Muppets episode of the Jim Henson Hour.

Then some more stuff is said. I think Frank Oz talks a bit. Eventually we get to the good stuff. There's a clip of these German pigs singing, and throwing what appears to be sauerkraut. At this end of this sketch, the Muppeteers go crazy and start launching sauerkraut everywhere. Richard can be heard yelling, "More! More! Give me more!" and he's holding out his pig's plate. When he gets more, off it goes!

Eventually Jim Henson tells us about the Muppeteers. Of all of the Muppeteers who are not Jim Henson or Frank Oz, Richard is the only one to talk about himself:
“When I came into the thing I was 18. And I was really energetic, and you know, I’d say, ‘Yeah, sure everything you want to do boss. No problem.’ [picks up Scooter] I talked a lot like him. Because he’s my voice when I was younger. [Scooter’s voice] Like this.”

Later on in this special, we're shown the making of the "In the Navy" sketch from the Roger Moore episode. We start from the read through and continue into the recording session. There we see Richard, Jerry, Steve, and Dave recording the first few lines of the song. Eventually we move to the actual production of the sketch. The music is in the background, and the camera pans down to find Richard busy at work. This part is also in the Secrets of the Muppets episode of the Jim Henson Hour.

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