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Richard Hunt and Muppet Links

Richard Hunt Tribute @ Muppet Central
Richard Hunt at IMDB
Janice: "Fer Sure"
Go to this site. Not because it's about a Richard Hunt character. Not because it's about Janice (my favorite character). But go to it because it took me forever to add it here... :-)
15 Seconds to Curtain!
A great little site about everyone's favorite go-fer! (Scooter... duh!)
Some Richard Hunt page
This appears to be in German (sorry, I do not know how to translate it!)
Jackie's Continuum Version 1.0
This is Jackie's site. There are Muppets somewhere in there
Backstage Left
A treasure trove of Muppety goodness!
The Muppet Show Pictures Page
Bring Back the Magic!
Do you want Fraggle Rock on DVD? That's a silly question, because we all do. So, go here and tell Henson that you want to give them your money!
Louise Gold Website
Muppet Central

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