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In order to do this site, I needed a lot of help from a lot of people, and I'd like to take this time to thank those people (it feels like I won an award).

-- I'd really like to thank Jackie. She's bascially been my proof-reader and told me that everything doesn't sound stupid. She's also the Promotions Advisor (she actually gets a title, how about that?), and tells everyone that an update is coming (you'd think that would be my job, but she does it so well). Plus she got all excited with me when I got stuff in the mail.
-- Jogchem Jalink sent me transcripts of "Down At Fraggle Rock" and 60 Minutes on The Muppet Show.
-- Megan P. sent me the "Oxford Blues" cameo, the lovely article from The Record, and the tribute from the Gettysburg Times. I'm going to have to promote her to Captain of Research or something.
-- "Skeeter Muppet" was wonderful enough to send me a link for that "Puppetman" clip.
-- Scott Hanson had sent me a screen grab of the director's credit for the "Jim Henson's Sing-Along, Dance-Along, Do-Along" video. He's also my hero in that he sent me the Muppet Fan Club Newsletter.
-- Leighanne Mazure for sending me her great tribute to Richard. Yay to fan tributes!
-- Chris Smigliano for sending me that wonderful drawing that's on the main page.
-- Karen Falk over at the Henson Archives sent me all kinds of wonderful information.
-- And last, but certainly not least there's Dave Goelz, Jerry Nelson, Karen Prell, and Martin P. Robinson. They were so wonderfully helpful and sent me some of their memories of Richard.
--And an extra big thanks goes out to Martin P. Robinson, who was super kind in sending me some pictures of Richard!

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