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Richard Hunt popped up in front of the camera every once and a while, be it an interview, a cameo in a Muppet movie, or a small role in a movie or two. I have decided to make a list of these appearances (as well as what he says). Some of these, like his cameo in the Great Muppet Caper, are very short, but an appearance is an appearance. Why did I do this? Let's just say that any kind of free time for me is too much free time. Anyway, if you have something that I don't have, then by all means, please e-mail me!

Richard in "Of Muppets & Men" documentary (interview)
Richard in "Trading Places" (as Wilson)
Richard in Sesame Street (as Cedric the bird watcher)
Richard in "The Great Muppet Caper" (as the Cab Driver)
Richard in Puppetman (as Del Zivic)
Richard in Down At Fraggle Rock: Behind The Scenes (interview)
Richard in 60 Minutes on The Muppet Show (interview)
Richard in Oxford Blues (as Larry)

Thanks to Jogchem Jalink for sending me transcripts from "Down At Fraggle Rock" and 60 Minutes, and thanks to Megan P. for "Oxford Blues"!

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