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The Great Update Archive

3-13-02-- It's yet another non-update update. I added 2 more links.

3-3-02-- This is the big non-update update. I have added 2 new links. So, if you would like to see some more updates, please send me stuff! I am looking for memories, links, and that rather elusive cameo in "Oxford Blues". So, if you can send me any of that stuff, I shall be very happy.

1-07-02-- Richard Hunt passed away ten years ago today. However, Richard continues to live on in spirit. He’s there every time we laugh at Junior Gorg, groove along with Janice, and heckle right along with Statler. I never had the chance to meet him, however he reached through the television and touched not only me, but all of us. A truly great part of doing this web site has been reading through the information that has been sent to me. From the tributes by the Muppeteers, to the on-screen appearances, there are wonderful quotes by and about Richard. Reading what he had to say, and what others have to say about him has been an indescribable experience. If anything, they show us what kind of a man the world is missing…

“He was a good friend and a very special, generous person.”
-- Karen Prell

“I decided to make a career of resting.”
-- Richard on what he did after he quit his job in radio

“We became so simpatico, one of us would start a bit and the other would pick up on where the bit was going immediately.”
-- Jerry Nelson

“He was much larger than life, and we miss him terribly. Our world just isn’t the same.”
-- Dave Goelz

“…We do what everyone else in the world wants to do and that's act crazy. Except we get paid to do it.”

-- Richard from "60 Minutes"

“All of our guests adored Richard. He made them feel so welcome and at ease. He took special care with young ones too, for as he told me once, ‘Can you imagine the incredible impression this makes on a child’s mind?’”
-- Jerry Nelson

1-03-02-- UPDATE! The On-screen Appearances section has been updated.

1-01-02-- Welcome to Your Face! This site is dedicated to the life and work of the super talented Muppeteer, Richard Hunt. So, here's a quick history... It started a few months ago, going to be a simple fan tribute. Eventually it grew into what it is now. Also, be sure to read the Dave Goelz Tribute to learn what "your face" actually means (I'll admit, I've been using it out of context, but it's such a fun phrase!). Enjoy!

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