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Oxford Blues

A big thanks goes out to Megan P. who actually sat through this movie (so I didn't have to!) and sent me all of Richard's parts (and it's not a whole lot). So here's what she sent me...

*Richard plays the character Larry who is a parking attendant. He appears about 3 minutes into the movie in a locker room talking the Nick, the main character.*

Nick: I knew she wouldn't marry that French clown.
Larry: Oh well you always know what she's gonna do.
Nick: No, I always know what she should do.
Larry: Like marry someone else?
Nick: That's a start.
Larry: Like some parking attendant in Las Vegas?
Nick: She could do worse.
Larry: ::laughs::
Nick: Romance, Lar. Romance...

*About 7 minutes into the movie we see Richard again. Nick just came back from a casino where he won $14,000 and he is telling Larry about it. They are outside where Larry is helping a man with his luggage.*

Nick: Larry, Larry. I did it! Look at this. ::laughs:: I'm outta here.
Larry: Hold on. Hold on. ::Helps man with luggage::
Nick: ::Talks with woman about the money they won::
Larry: Nick, Nick, What happened?
Nick: You'll never believe. We won so... ::Reaches into pocket::
Larry: What's wrong?
Nick: I don't believe it! I don't believe it!

Yay Richard! You were great in a horrible movie.

So there ya have it folks. Richard Hunt in "Oxford Blues".

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