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Karen Prell Remembers

Karen posted this story on Muppet Central after the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

I find myself thinking of the years I lived in Manhattan, the times I visited the top of the World Trade Center and especially the time Richard Hunt took my husband Mike (new to New York) and I on a crazed, exhilarating nighttime tour of the city while we were in town for Jim Henson's memorial. We stood up through the sunroof of his van while Richard careened around shouting out landmarks. He waited for us while we jumped out at the WTC, too late to ride up for a view. Mike and I walked around the quiet plaza, craning our necks to look up and up at the amazing towers.... then we jumped back into the van for more of Richard's manic tour. Seeing what that area looks like now is painful enough for me. I can't imagine what it must be like for people in New York.

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