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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

January 9, 1992

RICHARD HUNT, 40, a performer who gave life to scores of characters on ''Sesame Street,'' ''Fraggle Rock'' and ''The Muppet Show,'' died Tuesday (Jan. 7, 1992) of complications from AIDS, said Susan Berry, a spokeswoman for Jim Henson Productions. ''It's impossible to imagine a world without Richard,'' said ''Sesame Street'' director Jon Stone. ''He came to us a wild-eyed 18-year-old and grew into a master puppeteer and inspired teacher.'' Mr. Hunt was responsible for a cadre of zany characters loved by children worldwide. To ''Sesame Street'' fans, he was Don Music, Sully the construction worker and cowboy Forgetful Jones. He also brought to life Gladys the Cow and opera star Placido Flamingo.

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